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Magnetic Mag Strap Holder for wall

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Introducing our Magnetic Mag Strap Holder for Walls 

Keep your Mag Strap stylishly with a touch of natural elegance, organized and within reach with our Modern Magnetic Wooden Block Hanger.

Our Magnetic Mag Strap Holder - is a sleek convenient and efficient solution to keep your Mag Strap within easy reach without the need for drilling! Crafted with Walnut, this holder adds a touch of elegance to any room. Our 2" x 1.2" Wooden Walnut Block combines the power of STRONG Neodymium Magnets and EXTRA STRONG 3M Adhesive to provide you with unmatched functionality and ease of use.

Experience the STRONG MAGNETIC GRIP No worrying about our mag strap slipping or falling!

Our Magnetic Mag Strap Holder uses 3M's famous VHB adhesive, ensuring a long-lasting and sturdy bond to your wall.

Installation is an absolute breeze with our peel-and-stick design. No screws or drilling required - simply peel off the backing and stick the holder to your desired spot for an instant setup.

Experience the elegance of a clutter-free and organized space with a touch of modern sophistication. Bid farewell to chaos and disarray as you welcome a sleek and contemporary solution to keep your Mag Strap neatly arranged and easily accessible. Embrace the beauty of minimalism and enjoy a clean and stylish environment. This ingenious solution combines functionality with a touch of natural elegance, making it an essential addition to your daily routine.

Here's why you'll love it:

High-strength rare earth magnets built into our exclusive straps, make it easy to secure your keys, lip balm holder, key fob, work badge, teacher badge, and more to your yoga pants, work attire, or any clothing with magnetic attraction - no pockets required!

With its stylish and sleek appearance, high-quality vegan leather, and multifunctional design, our magnetic keychain bracelet gives you the convenience and ease to solve life's daily dilemmas.

Need an extra hand? Wrap and secure it around any of your bag straps such as purse, luggage, backpack, or even around chairs, shopping carts, gym equipment, bicycles, strollers, and more.

 No hooks? With the high-strength rare earth magnets, you can affix it to metal to keep your items off the dirty floor or in a bathroom, locker, file cabinet, or on your fridge - the possibilities are endless.

Or simply secure the lobster claw hardware to the keyring and wear it as a keychain bracelet for added convenience and style.

Made with durability and fashion in mind, the Mag Strap Mini can be paired with our Phone Pouch to transition into a bike bag, or insert it through pant loops to create a modern hip bag.

With patent-pending technology, our magnetic keychain bracelet is a simple accessory made better for you and everything you need to carry.

Experience hands-free convenience and style with the LaVieatrac Mag Strap Mini | Magnetic Keychain Bracelet. Order now and keep all your essentials together with ease!


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