Fall is here and it's time to gear up with the perfect accessories that will elevate your style and keep you organized on all your sunny adventures.

  • No pockets, no problem

    Secure it through clothing, such as yoga pants and work attire. Attach your work badge or keys!

  • Keychain Wristlet phone pouch with wallet and lip balm holder

    No Hooks?

    No problem. Affix it to metal with the built-in high strength, rare earth magnets.

  • A black vegan leather Keychain Bracelet and three pocket wallet, and a black lip balm holder used with a bag.

    Tired of digging for your keys? 

    Great for looping around bags, luggage, backpacks, and more!

  • A bracelet keychain with lip balm holder and keys attached to a bicycle.it

    Wrap and secure

    Around chairs, shopping carts, gym equipment, bicycle handles, strollers and more! 

  • Wear around your wrist.

    Attach the lobster clasp to the keyring, then wear it around your wrist like a traditional wristlet/bracelet.

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    Ships within 1-2 business days.

  • Beautiful, soft, vegan leather

    Looks and feels like leather.


    Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases.

  • Mission Africa

    For every Mag Strap sold a portion goes to Mission Africa, an orphanage, school in Ghana.

  • Shopify Secure

    PCI compliant.

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A black vegan leather Keychain Bracelet and three pocket wallet, and a black lip balm holder used with a bag.

We want you to know that you are a part of something amazing.

When you purchase one of our straps, you're not just getting a great product - you're also helping to support Mission Africa, an orphanage/school in Ghana. We believe that our mission to give back is bigger than just ourselves, and that's why we've made it a priority to make a positive impact.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children who deserve a better future. We truly believe that children are our future, and by investing in them, we can help create a better tomorrow for all of us. Thank you for being a part of our mission, and for supporting our efforts to give back. Your purchase is helping to make the world a better place, one strap at a time.


  • Two humans with a black keychain wristlet phone pouch in black, vegan leather.  and with a bracelet key chain, lip balm holder and wallet.



    Our keychain that is attractive, trendy, fashionable, multifunctional and a lifesaver! Famous for its exclusive design, the Mag Strap Mini | Magnetic Keychain Bracelet by LaVieatrac has 2 built in high strength rare earth magnets, high quality hardwar on both ends, and made with luxurious, soft vegan leather. With its perfect size and style, you’ll be ready to replace your old, one use keychain.

  • A bracelet keychain with lip balm holder and keys attached to a bicycle.it


    ■ Secure your essentials by wrapping the Mag Strap Mini Keychain Bracelet around a bag strap, stroller or shopping cart handle, bicycle, and so much more

    ■ Secure it through material, such as yoga pants, jean jackets, backpacks or purses with the magnetic attraction of the magnets

    ■ Connect it to metal to keep your items off the dirty floor when there are no hooks at your favorite restaurant, or in a bathroom

  • Three people carrying wristlets, key chains, wallets, phone bags, and lip balm holders.


    ■ Keep yourself organized and put an end to the endless digging your bag for your keys.

    ■ Never be caught without pockets and no where to put your essentials. Our Mag Strap Mini Keychain Bracelet is a magnetic strap that keeps all of your essentials together.

    ■ Attach your keys, cell phone holder, wallet, lip balm, hand sanitizer, key fob, work badge, teacher badge, flashlight, mace…the possibilities are endless.

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