Hold my keys, please.

Hold my keys, please.

Are YOU ready to make your life a bit easier?

I bet you've had to dig for those keys in the bottom of your bag, haven't you? Kathrina Decker started the company, ATRAC USA because she too was frustrated always having to dig through her bag for her keys. After her daughter threw a tantrum in the middle of a Walmart parking lot, while raining, and she couldn't find her keys in her bag, Kathrina was inspired to create a product that fit her needs; functional, fashionable, and convenient. Can those 3 words be put in the same a category? You betcha they can be!

After scouring the internet searching for the perfect product, Decker came up empty handed. With determination and finding materials she had at home, Decker glued together 2 small magnets into 2 pieces of fabric. Whoa, it's the first born MAG STRAP. Not only did it work, it was functional, and she found so many more uses for than than a boring old keychain. The MAG STRAP attaches through fabric, wear it as a wristlet, use it as a keychain, attach it to metal, wrap it around a stroller handle or bicycle. The uses are endless for this mighty little MAG STRAP. 

A keychain with multiple uses? What? Cool! With innovation, research, trial and error, Decker has improved the original MAG STRAP to what it is now. A high quality, multifunctional, fashionable, and Patent Pending product. We've sold out of vendor shows, we've grown as a business and have proven people absolutely love this!

 Come with us on our journey, we want to help make your life a little easier.

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