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Magnetic Bracelet Keychain | Black and gray, Vegan leather

You will never have to dig for your keys at the bottom of your bag again, or stuff your pockets full of your essentials!

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Stay hands free with the LaVieatrac's exclusive beautiful, soft, vegan leather Mag Strap Mini | magnetic bracelet keychain. 

It’s famous for the high strength rare earth magnets that are built into our exclusive Magnetic Straps.

Its sleek look, with high quality vegan leather provides you with a fashionable, luxurious and multifunctional strap that gives you convenience and ease to solve life's daily dilemmas. 

No pockets? The high strength magnets attract through all your clothes  so you can secure it to your yoga pants, work attire etc, with magnetic attraction. Great for keys lip balm, key fob, work badge, teacher badge, and more.

Need an extra hand? Wrap and secure our magnetic bracelet keychain around any of your bag straps such as purse, luggage, backpack etc. Wrap and Secure around chair, shopping cart,  gym equipment, bicycle handle, strollers and so much more.

No hooks? Affix it to metal with our high strength rare earth magnets to keep your items off the dirty floor. On lockers, file cabinets or in a bathroom. At your favorite restaurant, gym or work,  or just slap it on your fridge so you don't misplace your essentials.

Or you can simply secure the lobster claw hardware to the keyring and wear it as a bracelet.

Connect your keys, wallet, lip balm holder, and any of your essentials so you can do what you love while we hold it all together for you.

Not only does our magnetic bracelet keychain have the durability to hold your items but it's fashionable and multifunctional.

 If paired with our Phone pouch it  transitions into a bike bag. Or insert the Mag Strap through pant loops to create a modern hip bag. 

A Simple accessory made better for you and just about everything you could ever need to carry. The possibilities are endless….

Patent Pending

Size & Details

Luxurious Vegan Leather

7” long Strap when opened

Heavy Duty Hardware on both ends

2 rare earth high strength magnets


Satisfaction guaranteed. Return within 30 days receive a refund.

Customers Favorite Uses

Bracelet for keys

Shopping cart handles

Attaching to lockers or gym machines

Wrapped around stroller handles

Through yoga pants

Attached to side of car while loading groceries

Connect to diaper bags, backpacks and purses

Bicycle handle

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Lalima
Great product

Perfect when no pockets and you have keys and throwing garbage and boxes

Yoga accessory

I’m a yoga instructor and when I saw your photo with the yoga pants, I knew I had to have this! I wear it on my pants from the car to the studio, and then attach it to my water bottle during class! What a cute accessory! I can’t wait to explore all of its uses!

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  • Mission Africa

    For every Mag Strap sold a portion goes to Mission Africa, an orphanage, school in Ghana.

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  • Two humans with a black keychain wristlet phone pouch in black, vegan leather.  and with a bracelet key chain, lip balm holder and wallet.


    Small but it’s mighty.

    Designed with modern yet timeless style, it offers multifunctional uses with two, high strength rare earth magnets

  • Person 1 with a black keychain wristlet phone pouch in black, vegan leather.  Person 2 with bracelet key chain, lip balm holder and wallet.


    Crafted from luxuriously soft high quality vegan leather.

  • Three people carrying wristlets, key chains, wallets, phone bags, and lip balm holders.


    We recommend using your mini with workout attire, work badges, or attaching it to metal. Or you can simply wear it as a bracelet.